Life with Value

Community leaders work alongside Fountain of Hope staff to initiate programs that deal with the most pressing community problems, including disease, sex trafficking and drug abuse. A snapshot of ongoing focus areas:

  • Because Cambodia is considered a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking, incorporating messages on prevention and child protection are crucial. Curriculum for all ages focuses on tools and tricks of traffickers, the value of children and tips for migrating safely.
  • People living with HIV/AIDS face discrimination, rejection, financial vulnerability and physical suffering. FOH focuses on mobilizing and equipping local church volunteers to respond to the epidemic with the compassion of Christ. We offer prevention education, care for people living with HIV, support for orphans and economic assistance for affected families.
  • Preventative health messages detailing how to deal with dengue fever, diarrhea, malaria and other preventable life-threatening diseases are given regularly in local villages.
  • Addressing the issues of domestic violence and drug abuse helps to raise awareness of the destructive nature of these behaviors for individuals and the community.